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Resources I wish I knew about before I started my research......

Ever been to a recipie blog and you have to read multiple pages of text before you get to the recipe? I'm not doing that here...Here are the tools I wish I knew about before I started. 




Reference Manager Software. Has a Google extension so you can add references quickly. Ability to add incite references and create a bibliography. Very useful. 


Software that allows you to compare two douments side by side. Useful for seeing additions and deletions on your edited docs.


Used to compress my PDFs or Word Docs when they are too large for Draftable 

News & Resources: News & Resources


"TermsFeed is the world's leading generator of legal agreements for websites and apps, your all-in-one compliance software to comply with privacy laws. We specifically focus on the range of legal agreements that a business with an online presence may need."


For recoding and/or transcribing meetings, interviews, yourself...



Useful for online video meetings/interviews...also transcribes.



"Scrivener is the go-to app for writers of all kinds, used every day by best-selling novelists, screenwriters, non-fiction writers, students, academics, lawyers, journalists, translators and more. Scrivener won't tell you how to write—it simply provides everything you need to start writing and keep writing."

Research Rabbit


connected papers

"Productivity and collaboration tools for all the ways we work."

Literature mapping tools

Google workplace

"Productivity and collaboration tools for all the ways we work."


Animals & Society Institute
Australasian Animal Studies Association (AASA)
The International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ)
The Centre for Human Animal Studies (CfHAS)

North American Association for Critical Animal Studies

Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
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