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Research Timeline - Navigating the Entangling of Bureaucracy and Research Design

Following on from the Juggling Design Late 2020/Early 2021 post, which demonstrated my feeling of swimming in a sea of disjointed thoughts and questions with few answers, I find myself, in September 2021, feeling a little clearer. I have spent the last year reading, searching for relevant topics then researching those topics. I've gone down some interesting rabbit holes, some far to deep for the PhD topic, but ones I'm now aware of.

I have made a chapter structure, a structure which has far too many topics for the PhD but again, topics I now have some knowledge of which widens my view and gives me background information.

I have been through the first hurdle of the ethics process, now I must embark on the second, that which covers fieldwork. I'm delighted to say that one of the shark listeners who inspired me to construct this PhD research project has accepted my proposal to work with them! I shall have my first meeting with them in a few days, and although I have ideas of the direction this project should take I want to project to be a collaboration, one where the sharks are participants and are represented in the research.

I'm working on an iterative research infographic to try to share my thoughts Visually and am reading and re-reading a book upon which I am planning to base my methodological framework.

Below is a simplified timeline of my PhD research project so far:

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