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Why Distance Learning?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Choosing an environment within which you can be happy to is vital. Finding what makes you happy is key. Being independent or being with family and friends (which may include animal-friends); work and study or only studying; changing your environment completely or keeping elements of the 'old'. There are many aspects to your life that you may wish to consider before you consider where to study.

Attending Polytechnic (after sixth form) was a disaster for me, I failed at study as I was untrained in self-study; I failed at friendships as I was too naive; I failed at not being tempted by clubbing (Manchester was fabulous for that); I failed at being happy. After a year I left, never to return to formal, campus-based study.

My experience of campus-based study showed me it did not make me happy. Another aspect to my life was full-time work. Throughout my BSc (Hons) and MA I worked full-time and studied simultaneously. This might seem too much, however, another factor in studying is knowing when your brain is ready to receive, be critical and produce work. A 9-5 job does not necessarily fill those productivity slots. You may find you are a 'night owl' or an 'early bird'. Distance learning doesn't tie you down to lectures as campus-based stud does. It's easy to avoid lecture-hall nod-offs while using travel, hairdresser, waiting-times etc as a time to study. You don't require a class room, you can make notes, read a book, listen to a webinar, take part in a conference on a phone, tablet, laptop.

I find myself not wasting time on dashing out, looking for my keys, forgetting my coffee, going back for an umbrella or leaving my coat behind. It's liberating.

Currently I run a volunteer-based charity from my phone. My phone is my office. My laptop connects me to my study. I react to the charity or study commitments depending on urgency or as part of every-day planning. I meet friends when my schedule is free, usually when my study-brain is dormant. I exercise almost daily. I live with my husband and animal-family.

I am flexible, my timings and locations are flexible depending on need. This suits me, what suits you?

Distance learning = flexibility

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